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Learn a language, transcend cultural borders.

The walls created by a language barrier can be surpassed if you put your heart into it. What lies beyond is tradition ・art・culture・ communication. This is the small, broad world of Japan.

Pioneering Japanese Online School

What we can do
Key Peace presents an online study abroad experience

Japan is a country where various traditions and forms of art and pop culture are born everyday. With its long-standing traditions, cutting-edge technologies, and diverse energy, we must first overcome the language barrier in order to learn more about and enjoy this country in its entirety.

But Japanese is so difficult... I can't speak at all...
This means the method you use to study isn't working well.

By learning Japanese interactively, you will naturally find yourself able to speak as you become immersed in the language.

We have created a teaching method that will help you learn to speak Japanese like a native.

about LESSON
About the course

Japanese language instructor X designer X doctor
Creative classes brought to you by the three experts

The doctor creates lessons that can be memorized efficiently,
the designer brings them to reality, and the intructor teaches.
In other words, by learning while having fun with a curriculum created from all three perspectives, students can learn Japanese with a high retention rate. In our classes, we use "Canva" to make learning visual, communicative, and fun.


A curriculum which makes use of what we know about memory and the brain


Design・videos・photography, such mediums are encorporated to encourage a personal connection to the material

Japanese language instructor

A professional Japanese language instructor makes class enjoyable

If you actively communicate, you too can learn Japanese!

Youtuber and doctor with over 350k subscribers as of April 2023

Produced by Hitoki

How Hitoki sees the relationship between learning and the brain

We can't choose what we remember
Our brain remembers many things in a day and forgets many things at the same time.
Only the most important memories are stored in a special place in the brain as long-term memories. Unfortunately, we cannot choose what we want to remember.
Our brain decides on its own whether or not it is necessary for our survival.
This is why it is so difficult to remember Japanese.
The biggest key to long-term memory is to make the brain think it is important for us to remember something
Most of the memories that the brain deems important and which become long-term memories are those memories that are accompanied by emotional changes.This is an ability that we once needed for survival, such as remembering where to find food or how to protect ourselves from danger. This system is still with us today and will not go away. Knowing this, we can explain why it is that we learn languages better when we study abroad or have a partner who speaks the language, since this is when we have the most emotional experiences. On the other hand, if we study a vocabulary book at home, we cannot remember as much since there is no emotional connection there, so our brain does not feel the need to remember it.
Course Description
Despite the importance of emotional memory, in most Japanese language schools, teachers teach directly from the textbook.
However, we feel that this structure does not allow students to learn to speak Japanese well. We have developed a teaching method in which students are encouraged to participate in class and learn Japanese by actively speaking the language. Students do much more than just listen to the intructor. This allows the students to learn Japanese through meaningful experiences in order to internalize the language. In addition, the classes are taught systematically from the very beginning, so that students can steadily improve their Japanese skills.
Japanese language instructor X designer X doctor
Creative classes brought to you by the three experts
Designers and Japanese language instructors collaborate to create visually pleasing lessons.
In addition, students can learn through numerous videos and images on Canva.
The online experience is like being there yourself, making the lessons more valuable and memorable.
We at Key Peace support you on your journey to Japanese proficiency by providing rich learning experiences. Let's take the first step together and enjoy the adventures that lie beyond!


Let's go on an adventure
beyond language
beyond culture
beyond boundaries
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